Postpartum Support Group Guidelines

This is a safe and protected space for our participants. This is a support group, and not a replacement for individual or group psychotherapy, and is not a psychotherapy service. By agreeing and participating in this group you commit to honoring confidentiality inside and outside of this space. Due to the nature of this group as a support group and not a psychotherapy group, we cannot guarantee HIPAA privacy. The goal of the support group is to facilitate connection and emotional support between moms in the postpartum phase of their life. The group may also provide guidance on basic coping, sleep, and feeding questions. The information does not replace the clinical care of your physician, pediatrician, lactation consultant, therapist/counselor/social worker, or any other healthcare or mental healthcare provider. No information provided in this space should be construed as clinical recommendations for your specific case. This group is facilitated by providers at Fort Mill Psychotherapy in Fort Mill, South Carolina, but participation in this group does not constitute a therapist/client relationship.

I have read and agree to these guidelines