Amber Tolbert, LISW-CP

Amber Tolbert LCSW, Fort Mill PsychotherapistFounder and Director

Have you felt numb and empty for so long that you don’t even remember what it’s like to feel? Do you feel alone in your pain, paralyzed by the uncertainty of what to do to find relief? Have you been burdened with the weight of family secrets your whole life and find yourself aching to set down that burden? It’s time to find yourself, to uncover the identity of your true self that has been buried deep under the weight of life. Amber is here to light your path towards healing your pain, finding relief, and getting unstuck.

Amber is originally from South Carolina and a proud graduate of the University of South Carolina with dual Master Degrees in Social Work and Public Health. She is dually licensed in South Carolina and North Carolina as a Licensed Independent Social Worker Clinical Practice. Amber’s experience over the past 10 years includes all mental health settings and all ages. She specializes in family systems, conflict, relationship, identity (sense of self), self-worth, numbing, anxiety, depression, and codependency. She utilizes approaches including experiential psychotherapy, mindfulness based, and trauma focused modalities.

Amanda Enlow, LPC

Amanda EnlowClinical Director • Licensed Professional Counselor

Is parenthood or the path to parenthood nothing like you expected? Are you struggling under the weight of expectations, trying to manage or create a family and beginning to feel defeated? Is your anxiety increasing as the burdens of past trauma, grief, and childhood family secrets become too heavy to bear? Are you struggling to figure out your identity in this new phase of life? It’s exhausting to keep up appearances when you feel emotionally drained and sometimes you worry you will crumble under the pressure. Amanda is here to be your guide as you start your journey towards uncovering your true self.

Amanda is originally from the Charlotte area and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from Columbia College and a Master of Rehabilitation Counseling degree from the University of South Carolina. Amanda is dually licensed in South Carolina and North Carolina as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Amanda’s experience over the past 7 years includes all mental health settings and all ages. She specializes in women’s issues, reproductive and maternal mental health, anxiety, and codependency. She utilizes approaches including experiential psychotherapy, mindfulness based, and trauma focused modalities.

Jennifer Radcliffe, LISW-CP

Jennifer RadcliffeLicensed Master Social Worker

Are you feeling stuck in life? Are you going through a tough transition, experiencing difficulties in your relationships or managing emotional pain, dealing with low self-worth, or struggling with fears of being abandoned or left alone? Are you craving acceptance and peace? We all experience pain, but we do not have to suffer. Jenn is here to be your guide on your journey to find inner peace, compassion, and acceptance.

Jennifer is originally from New York state and relocated with her family to the Charlotte area 4 years ago. She received a Master of Social Work degree from Adelphi University and is currently a Licensed Social Worker in South Carolina. Jennifer’s experience over the past 6 years includes inpatient and outpatient mental health and substance abuse settings with adults. She specializes in codependency, trauma, anxiety, and substance abuse. She utilizes approaches including dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness based, experiential psychotherapy, and creative arts therapies.

Christine Vazquez, LPCA, ATR-BC

Are you growing weary under the burden of depression, anxiety, or loss? Do you struggle to express the pain you feel inside? Are you struggling to feel good about yourself or your relationships? Is your family in the midst of a difficult transition and needing support? Are you taking the first steps towards independence but feel overwhelmed and lost? Life can feel overwhelming when you are trying to connect your internal thoughts and feelings to your outer life and experiences. Christine is here to help you access your inner resources to make room for healing and transformation.

Christine is originally from Long Island, NY. She received a Master of Arts degree in Creative Arts Therapy from Hofstra University and is currently a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in South Carolina. She is a Creative Arts Therapist (Registered, Board Certified) and Certified Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner through The Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, D.C. Christine’s experience over the past 10 years includes all mental health settings and all ages. She specializes in anxiety, stress, depression, self-awareness, and relationship issues. She utilizes approaches including creative arts therapy, parts work, meditation and guided imagery, experiential psychotherapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Nicole Moriarty, LPC

Are the burdens you are carrying feeling heavier every day? Is relief harder to find? Does is feel like you are living your life in a fog of worry and anxiety that never truly lifts? Are you losing sight of the life you were trying to build? Does it sometimes feel hopeless? Are you watching your teenager struggle with the same anxiety or depression that has haunted your life? Or are you watching helplessly, as they shut you out and suffer alone through something you are struggling to understand? You do not have to continue to suffer and struggle alone. You and your children can have a life free of anxiety and depression, panic and fear, free of addictions and confusion. Nicole is ready to join you in this great change. She will help you find relief. You will discover your own incredible capacity to heal and create a life of peace, purpose and joy.

Nicole is originally from Massachusetts and is grateful to have landed in such a wonderful community. She graduated from Missouri State University in 2000 with her Masters Degree in Counseling and is licensed as a Professional Counselor in South Carolina, Virginia, and California.  Over the past 19 years in the field, she has worked in a variety of settings, with children, teens and adults. She specializes in anxiety, depression, panic, compulsions and boundary issues. She further specializes in helping older teens transition to a stable and successful adulthood. Nicole is trained in EMDR, TRET and other trauma focused modalities. She also utilizes aspects of DBT, Redecision Therapy and Mindfullness.

Tonga Newsome

Office Manager

Tonga Newsome has joined Fort Mill Psychotherapy as the Office Manager. Tonga has 28 years of experience in customer service and support. Her career began in the travel industry with a major airline and in her years of serving the community, she was presented several “Above and Beyond” awards for her constant displays of compassion towards others.

It was her passion for enhancing the life of others through service that brought her to the FMP family. It is her intention to lend her extensive customer service experience to the practice as well as be an example of kindness and dedication to current and future clients.  Tonga is a gift to the FMP family!

Victoria Windham


Victoria is working towards her Master of Social Work degree from Winthrop University and joined FMP for her internship. She is originally from New Jersey and relocated to the Charlotte area 4 years ago. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Coastal Carolina University. Victoria’s experience includes outpatient mental health and substance abuse settings primarily working with adults. You will see Victoria around the office learning and supporting our team.