Psychotherapist in Fort Mill, Fort Mill Counselors, PsychotherapyIndividual Psychotherapy supports us in identifying, creating, and understanding ourselves. Often, psychotherapy will integrate group or family therapy into treatment because of the level of validation, empathy, and sympathy that one experiences. Including one’s system (supports) in therapy will often allow the individual to sustain the improvements made while in therapy.

Different stressors in our lives can cause us to feel stuck and it can interfere with work and our relationships. If you are feeling lost, trapped, or alone it’s time you find some relief. Some clients seek medication management treatment from their physicians. Medications can be supportive of some symptoms, however, used in combination with behavioral therapy results in more immediate relief for some clients.

Loving our self is essential in being able to accept love from someone else. The journey of individual psychotherapy supports you in understanding your story and your identity while learning to have self-compassion and self-awareness.


  • Grief
  • Codependency/Addiction
  • Financial
  • Employment
  • Emotional Unavailability

Goals for Individual Psychotherapy:

  • Improve self-compassion
  • Learn self-worth and self-validation
  • Improve coping skills
  • Understanding of self
  • Increased self-awareness

Individual Psychotherapy, Psychotherapist in Fort Mill

We are Fort Mill Psychotherapy, a dynamic team of licensed psychotherapists located in Fort Mill, SC. Our mission is to embrace and support our community. As a team, we provide individual therapy, couple therapy and marriage counseling, and family therapy. Our goal is to support you in growth and progress. Let us walk with you in your journey using evidenced based treatment practices to ensure you achieve the outcome you deserve. Our approach will be tailored to you individualized needs and you will have a voice.