Marriage Counseling Fort Mill, Amber Tolbert, LCSWCouples Therapy is geared towards empowering individuality, while also cultivating and respecting a new identity as a couple. This couples therapy will support the couple in improving communication and trust to allow for a solid foundation.

We all bring into new relationships pieces of old relationships. Sometimes, it is necessary to resolve old relationships in order to move forward in our current ones. Those relationships may be previous romantic relationships or even our relationships from our family of origin. We often find ourselves repeating patterns or similar behaviors of our parents, also called “learned behaviors”. A component of couples therapy is to identify learned behaviors or generational patterns and identify new relationship goals.


  • Financial stress
  • Mental or Medical illness
  • Extended family
  • Unresolved conflict
  • Ineffective communication
  • Addiction
  • Infidelity

Common Goals of Couples Therapy Includes:

  • Effective Communication—Less yelling, more talking, more listening, more understanding
  • Empathy—ability to understand and share your partners feelings
  • Conflict can be good
  • Increase or learn to build trust
  • Nurture a safe relationship and bond to allow growth

Couples Therapy, Marriage Counselor Fort Mill

We are Fort Mill Psychotherapy, a dynamic team of licensed psychotherapists located in Fort Mill, SC. Our intent is to support as many clients as we can. As a team, we provide individual therapy, couple therapy and marriage counseling, and family therapy. Our goal is to support you in growth and progress. Let us walk with you in your journey using evidenced based treatment practices to ensure you achieve the outcome you deserve. Our approach will be tailored to you individualized needs and you will have a voice.